Project Coaching

If you need support completing a project like preparing for a marathon, rehearsing for a play, getting ready for a job interview, finishing a manuscript or even de-cluttering their personal space we can help you.

A project coach works with the project manager and project team to guide, counsel, advice and coach them through the many processes within the management of the project. A project coach can help the project team properly scope out the project or manage changes in overall goals and deliverables so that the project gets back on track. Project coaches generally work with project managers or project teams on a part-time basis, except in the very early stages of the project.

If your project needs coaching, we can help. coaches project managers, sponsors and project teams around the world to increase their effectiveness and efficiency in the delivery of projects while considering the constraints of the scope of these projects. Our coaches work with both large, complex, global projects and small, single location projects. We have a diverse range of experiences so you can feel comfortable that we will quickly understand your situation and point you in the right direction. We provide on-demand coaching on-site or through video conferencing so that you won’t have to wait to resolve an issue, concern or challenge. will ensure that you:

• Get new projects started correctly
• Manage projects in crisis
• Understand the critical importance of the sponsor’s role
• Accelerate the development of project scopes and detailed project plans
• Manage project team issues, concerns and challenges as soon as they arise.

As you may well be aware every project face numerous challenges and obstacles throughout their execution. They may be over budget and/or over time. The project team might be dysfunctional. The sponsor may not be providing the right kind of support and timely approvals. The project manager manages from one crisis to the next, fights one fire after another. These organizations don’t know where to begin to get these projects back on track and will benefit from project management consulting to help them manage projects in crisis. team will help you to regain control of projects in crisis. We have the experience you need to get these projects back on track. Our coaches will bring an enhanced range of skill-sets and aims to transform your mindset with new perspectives. The work is focused on ‘raising the bar’; your coach will help you set your project goals and then hold you accountable. Your results goals set the overall objectives and are usually stable, they focus on project outcomes.

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